Court Reporters

Official court reporters for San Luis Obispo County Superior Court provide the verbatim record of court proceedings in felony criminal and juvenile delinquency and dependency cases as provided by statute and/or local court rule.  Please refer to the Court Reporter Coverage section below for information regarding court reporter coverage in family law and civil matters.

To be employed by the Superior Court, a court reporter must possess a valid Certified Shorthand Reporters (CSR) license, which is granted to successful candidates who pass the examination administered by the Department of Consumer Affairs of the State of California.

Court Reporter Coverage

The San Luis Obispo Superior Court does not provide court reporters in civil or family law matters.  If you wish your matter reported, you must hire a court reporter privately.  Call (805) 788-3454 if you have any questions or a list of private court reporters or court reporting agencies.

Purchasing a Transcript

When purchasing a transcript, the person or party is contracting with an individual court reporter for the actual transcript of the proceedings, pursuant to Government Code Section 69950.  Transcript costs are governed by the code and all arrangements for preparation, delivery and payment of transcript are between the requesting party and the individual court reporter.  Official court reporters may be contacted directly by telephone or by email as indicated on the list below.

Attorneys or private citizens who have a need for the written record of a public court proceeding may purchase a transcript directly from the court reporter who reported the hearing.  The interested party should personally contact the court reporter and make arrangements for the preparation of the transcript.  The following information will be required before a transcript can be prepared:

  1. Case number
  2. Case name
  3. Date(s) of hearing
  4. Name of the judge or courtroom in which the hearing was held
  5. Please specify if you are requesting the entire hearing, or a specific portion of the transcript.

Transcript Request Form

The name of the court reporter who reported the hearing can be found on the Case Summary for that hearing, which is prepared by the courtroom clerk.  You may view or purchase a copy of the Case Summary at the clerk’s office during regular office hours (8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.).  You may contact the court reporter directly by telephone, email, or fill out a “Request for Transcript” form, which is available in the clerk’s office or may be downloaded from this site.

Transcripts are purchased on a per-page basis, as governed by Government Code Section 69950.  The court reporter will contact you with an estimate of the cost of the transcript.  The court reporter will not release the transcript until payment has been received.

Contacting an Official Court Reporter

Anna Hernandez (805) 781-1132
Cassie Frasher (805) 781-5159
Carolyn McMickle (805) 781-5478
Shannon Wilson (805) 781-2463
Lisa Andrews (805) 781-5140
Christina Schwandt (805) 781-5480
Donna Mechem (805) 781-5223
Aubrey Christensen (805) 781-1949


Request for Juvenile Transcript

All transcript requests for juvenile hearings must complete the "Application for Transcripts of Juvenile hearings" below.  Submit the completed application to the courtroom clerk or the clerk’s office at Juvenile Services Center or in Room 220 at the San Luis Obispo Criminal Branch or the Paso Robles Branch.  Upon approval by the Judge of the Juvenile court, you will be contacted with information regarding payments and transcript(s) preparation.

Transcripts of Juvenile Hearings Application