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Online Services

San Luis Obispo Court provides several options for services to assist with payments, filing and reporting.

  • Online Case Filing

    E-Filing is now available for all civil case types. Criminal E-filing is available for limited case types for pre-approved users.

  • Court Transcripts

    Order the verbatim record of court proceedings as provided by statute and/or local rule. Offered for felony criminal, juvenile delinquency and dependency cases, or contested family law matters.

  • Jury Status

    Confirm and check your current juror status or postpone your date of service.

    Summons Login

  • Pay Fines

    Pay for your traffic ticket or court ordered fine on-line.

  • Tentative Rulings

    Judges post tentative rulings for their cases. Includes Civil and Probate rulings.

  • Online Form Preparation

    Free, guided interviews to help you prepare legal documents.

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