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Domestic Violence

A domestic violence restraining order is a court order that helps protect people from abuse.

Getting a Restraining Order

What is abuse?

Abuse means to hit, hurt, scare, throw things, pull hair, push, follow, harass, sexually assault, stalking, or threaten to do any of these things.

Can I get a restraining order?

You may obtain a domestic violence restraining order if a person has abused you and you have a close relationship with that person (married or registered domestic partners, divorced, separated, dating or used to date), or you are related (parent, child, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, in-law).

If you are being harassed by roommates, neighbors, co-workers or other people not close to you, then you may request a Civil Harassment Restraining Order, not a Domestic Violence Restraining Order.

A gun violence restraining order can stop someone from having, owning, or buying any firearms (guns), firearm parts, ammunition, or magazines. For more information and resources go to:

What facts does the judge need to know about?

Your written declaration must state sufficient detailed facts that show reasonable proof of a past act or acts of abuse. Your written declaration should contain dates, a detailed description of the abuse and a detailed description of any injuries.

Do It Yourself

We have a document preparation program available for you to use to complete the necessary domestic violence restraining order request and response forms. This program will ask you to answer questions that are needed to complete the forms. The answers you give will be used to complete the forms needed. This program will also allow you to print out all the completed necessary forms. You may choose between two programs. The eFile option will allow you to eFile or print and file. The Print and File option will not allow you to eFile.

If you would like the Self-Help Center / Family Law Facilitator's Office to review your forms before you file, then do not make copies until after the Center has reviewed your documents.

Filing and Serving Instructions

At the end of the Do It Yourself - Domestic Violence Restraining Order program, it will print out all your completed forms listed in the Information Sheet below. If you decide not to use the Do It Yourself - Domestic Violence Restraining Order program, then the forms are available for free at the Court Clerk’s Office or you may download the forms by clicking on the links contained in the information sheet below.

Forms and Instructions Info Sheet

This info sheet contains detailed instructions about the forms and steps needed to request a Domestic Violence Restraining Order.

Need Filing Help?

Request Restraining Order  

Request Restraining Order (eFile)

Respond to Request for Restraining Order (eFile)


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