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Mediation Appointments

Child Custody or Visitation

Family Court Mediation Services or call (805)706-3608.

Small Claims Case, Eviction, Civil Restraining Order

Or a Case that Has Not Yet Been Filed. Visit the Creative Mediation website or call 805-549-0442.

Private Mediation

Refer to the list of local Panel Mediators and Arbitrators from the ADR Section of the SLO Bar Association. Also, each courtroom has a binder for reference with a more detailed list including biographies of the members of this panel.

Judicial Mediation Order

Contact the Civil Department at (805)706-3600. Have your case number ready and tell the clerk you need to schedule a Judicial Mediation. Judicial Mediation can only be requested in court, must be ordered by the judge, and is only allowed for unlimited cases. If your case number starts with an LC you’ll need to contact a private mediator.


Benefits to Mediation


Important Note

If your case has recently been filed, please refer to your Case Management Order. You'll note that early mediation is strongly encouraged and that the court will typically provide an order to mediate at an early case management conference.

If you've had your case management conference, you may already have a Mediation Order. This order provides a deadline by which you must have completed mediation, as well as information on who must be present for the mediation session. Scheduling can take time. Contact a mediator (or the civil department if you have been ordered to Judicial Mediation) to schedule your mediation session well ahead of time or you may miss your deadline. Reviewing our court's Local Rules may also be helpful.


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