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Pay Your Ticket

ePayments for Traffic Cases

The San Luis Superior Court is proud to offer our new ePayment service for you to conveniently pay your Traffic Ticket online.

Before you make your payment, please read the following:

  • Traffic School - if you want to attend traffic school please make sure you meet the eligibility requirements. If you want to attend traffic school and you have not already appeared in court on your case, you may choose the traffic school button on the payment screen. A fee of $70 will be added to your case. If you did appear in court and were given a traffic school fee to pay, please choose the pay in full option only. The traffic school will charge a separate fee for the class.
  • Proof of Correction - if you have a correctable violation, you will be able to pay the amount in full via this website; however, you will not be able to show proof of correction and reduce the amount owed. Contact the clerk's office for instructions and the bail amount owed.
  • Not Guilty Plea - payments received via this website are for the full amount to close the case. If you intend to contest the violation, please contact the clerk's office or appear on your due date to plead not guilty.
  • Partial Payments - making a partial payment is only available if you have been set up on a recurring monthly payment schedule by the clerk's office. You can choose to pay either the full balance due or at least the minimum amount due.
  • Transaction Fee - Payments are subject to a fee of 1.99% fee.

If you are experiencing difficulty with the portal it is recommended that you mail in your payment at this time.

Pay Ticket

Request a Fine Reduction

This online system is an optional way to request a fine reduction for your infraction citation in cases of financial need.

Request Reduction

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