Local Forms

Civil Operations

AD-, CO-, and CV- Series Forms

Adopt 001 - Request for Release of  Adoption Records

AD01 - Financial Statement (Stepparent Adoption)

Attachment 10 - Petition for Appointment of Guardian

CO001 - Request for Duplicate Electronic Recording

CVDC04 - Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy Statement

CVDC05 - Stip to Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution

CV006 - Amendment to Complaint

CVUD07 - Declaration re: Rent & Damages (3-Day Notice)

CVDF10 - Request for Default Setting

CV011 - Statement of Venue

CVLJ12 - Request for Arbitration & Order

CSC01 - Request for Discovery Conference

CSC02 - Answer to Request for Discover Conference

  • Required for use in the following courtrooms:
    • Judge Coates
    • Judge Garrett


  • DQ-001 - Disqualification of Judge

Request for Refund

Request for Refund

Request for Attorney Will-Call Drop

Authorization for Drop file - Civil

Electronic Consent

Electronic Consent

FL- Series Forms

FL001 - Schedule of Property (Fredman Form)

FL003 - Joint At-Issue Memorandum (Family Law)

FL004 - Certificate of NonCompliance

FL006 - Family Law Mediator's Report

FL007 - Stipulation & Order Re: Continuance

FL008 - Notice of Intent to Introduce

FL009 - Order Appointing Child Custody Evaluator Attachment

FL010 - Declaration of Notice on Emergency Application for Orders

FL011 - Application For Publication

FL012 - Order For Publication Of Summons

FL013 - Statement of Venue

FL014 - Request for Status or Family Centered Case Resolution Conference

Order Denying Ex Parte Domestic Violence

Pre-trial Order - For Family Law Trials

Exhibit Labels

Exhibit List

Judicial Council Forms - FL-100 through FL-999

PR- and SC- Series Forms

PR001 - Declaration

PR002 - Notice to Creditors

PR003 - Report of Status of Administration

PR004 - Raised Bid In Open Court

PR005 - Order Granting Report on Status of Administration

PR006 - San Luis Obispo First and Final Report of Executor/Administrator

PR007 - Order on First and Final Report of Executor/Administrator

PR008 - Order Appointing Counsel for Conservatee

PR009 - LPS Conservatorship Petition

PR010 - LPS Conservatorship Doctor declaration

PR011 - LPS Conservatorship Notice

PR012 - LPS Conservatorship Proof of Service

PR013 - LPS Conservatorship Citation

PR014 - LPS Conservatorship Order

PR015 - LPS Letters of Conservatorship

PR016 - Petition for visitation - guardianship

PR017 - Order for Visitation

PR018 - Verification

PR019 - Declaration of Diligent search

PR020 - Objection

PR021 - Notice to Franchise Tax Board

PR022 - Notice to Department of Health

PR023 - Notice to Victim's Compensation Board

PR025 - Petition for order to dispense with accounting

PR026 - Order on Petition for order to dispense with accounting

PR027 - Regional Center Report

SC001 - Request for Dismissal - Small Claims

SC002 - Declaration re: Default in Payments (After Judgment)

SC003 - Request to Enter Satisfaction of Judgment

SC004 - Declaration of Default in Payments (After Mediation)

SC100 - Plaintiff's Claim and Order to Go to Small Claims Court

W- Series Forms

Non-DUI Petitions

W001 - Petition for Alternative Writ of Mandate

W002 - Alternative Writ of Mandate Order and OSC

W003 - Order Staying Suspension or Revocation

DUI Petitions

W004 - Petition for Alternative Writ of Mandate

W005 - Alternative Writ of Mandate Order and OSC

W006 - Order Staying Suspension or Revocation