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(i) New Court Collections Firm.

The Court has retained the firm Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson to assist the Court in collecting past due fines and fees. Please follow the link for more information.

New Hearing Reminder Service.

Subscribe to receive electronic notifications about upcoming court dates on non-confidential case types. Please follow the link for additional details or to create an account.

Access Court Records Online.

The San Luis Obispo County Superior Court launched re:SearchCA, a web-based platform that grants registered users remote access to public court records and documents. Please follow the link to register or sign in with your eFileCalifornia account.

Criminal Case Information Requests

All requests for information must include either a case number or the full name and date of birth.

Requesting Copies of Court Records

Copies of court records cost $0.50 / page. Matters stored off-site or requiring more than 10 minutes research will also carry a $15 file research fee. Most criminal case files are stored off site unless there is a pending court date. If certified copies are required, there is an additional charge of $45 per document to certify.

You will need the defendant's name and case number or the defendant's name and date of birth to make the request. This court only researches names with a case number or date of birth. To maintain the confidentiality of our records and parties to court actions, the court is unable to confirm any other types of identifiers including Driver's License, Social Security number or address. The case number can be obtained by visiting or calling the court.

Requesting records/information for one person

Most information on a case can be obtained by requesting a case summary print out. This document is available at a cost of $0.50/page at any of our court locations. Defendants and attorneys of record can request copies of the case summary on a given case for free. Victims can request copies of the case summary and/or copies of their protective orders on a given case for free. These requests must be accompanied by proof of valid ID for the defendant, victim or a business/bar card for the attorney of record. You can make this request either in person or by mail. This document can also be certified for a fee of $40 per case. Our court considers this to be the most accurate and easy to read form of information for our cases. Unless you need case information for Homeland Security, Immigration & Customs Enforcement, for a formal hearing or have been specifically told that a case summary print out is unacceptable, then this may be the best option for you.

Requesting a docket print out instead of copies of documents from a case file may streamline your request.

Complete the Request for Case Information Form and mail or bring it in to the court with payment. If you are requesting a case summary print out, you will also need to provide a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE). A SASE is an envelope that you write your name and address and place proper postage (stamp) on it. The envelope will then be used to mail your request back to you. Please be sure to use a legal-sized envelope so your public docket will fit. Further instructions are on the form.

Requesting a case summary print out instead of copies of documents from a case file may streamline your request.

Please note that no requests can be made or sent by fax.

Requesting records/information for more than one person (Bulk Request)

If you are requesting information for more than one person, please use the Request for Bulk Case Information form. Use this type of request to perform searches on multiple names. You may obtain case summary print outs at a cost of 50 cents per page, obtain a "no record" letter for names with no record and/or obtain a purge letter for cases that have been purged. Please use the form to indicate your preferences.

Fill out the form completely. Attach a list of names and dates of birth for individuals for whom you need to perform a background check or obtain dockets. To maintain the confidentiality of our records and parties to court actions, the court is unable to confirm any other types of identifiers including Driver's License, Social Security number or address. The clerk will search names exactly as they appear on your list. If you need different variations of a name, please list them separately. Please review the form for specific instructions. Submit the form along with payment in the form of a check made out to "SLO SUPERIOR COURT" in the basket provided at the Clerks' office counter during regular business hours.

Research Procedure at the Counter (in person requests)

Due to the on-going budget cuts and the Court’s current fiscal crisis, the Court will no longer be conducting background checks at the counter, effective June 1, 2012.

In order to reduce significant wait times for members of the public and in order to be able to retrieve, review and redact electronic records, pursuant to CRC Rule 2.507, any request for background research information must be submitted in writing, either at the counter or by mail. The Court will no longer process these requests immediately at the counter. The Court will process these requests on a first come-first serve basis, and you will be notified when your request is ready for pick up. Research of 10 minutes or more will be charged at a rate of $15 for each 10-minute increment, as well as a $.50 per page charge for copies from the court file or copies of the case summary.

A drop box is provided for these requests at the counter at the San Luis Obispo branch, 1050 Monterey Street, Rm. 220. The clerk will call once the request is complete and ready for pick-up.

Please alert the clerk if you are here to view, or have questions about, your personal court file or if you are the attorney of record for a defendant in a criminal or traffic matter.


Copies of transcripts must be ordered from the Court Reporter that reported the case. For information on obtaining copies of an official transcript please review the Purchasing a Transcript section of the Courtroom Operations Website.

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