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New Court Collections Firm.

The Court has retained the firm Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson to assist the Court in collecting past due fines and fees. Please follow the link for more information.

New Hearing Reminder Service.

Subscribe to receive electronic notifications about upcoming court dates on non-confidential case types. Please follow the link for additional details or to create an account.

Access Court Records Online.

The San Luis Obispo County Superior Court launched re:SearchCA, a web-based platform that grants registered users remote access to public court records and documents. Please follow the link to register or sign in with your eFileCalifornia account.

Local Forms

AD-, CO-, and CV- Series Forms

  • Adopt 001 - Request for Release of Adoption Records
  • AD01 - Financial Statement (Stepparent Adoption)
  • Attachment 10 - Petition for Appointment of Guardian
  • CO001 - Request for Duplicate Electronic Recording
  • CVDC04 - Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy Statement
  • CVDC05 - Stip to Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • CV006 - Amendment to Complaint
  • CVUD07 - Declaration re: Rent & Damages (3-Day Notice)
  • CV008 - Request & Order to Continue Motion
  • CV009 - Request to Withdraw Motion
  • CVDF10 - Request for Default Setting
  • CV011 - Statement of Venue
  • CVLJ12 - Request for Arbitration & Order
  • CSC01 - Request for Discovery Conference
  • CSC02 - Answer to Request for Discover Conference
    • Required for use in the following courtrooms:
      • Judge Coates
      • Judge Federman
      • Paso Robles Branch P2

Appeal of Administrative Citation

Cover Page


  • DQ-001 - Disqualification of Judge

Request for Refund

Request for Attorney Will-Call Drop

Electronic Consent

FL- Series Forms

PR- and SC- Series Forms

  • PR001 - Declaration
  • PR002 - Notice to Creditors
  • PR003 - Report of Status of Administration
  • PR005 - Order Granting Report on Status of Administration
  • PR006 - San Luis Obispo First and Final Report of Executor/Administrator
  • PR007 - Order on First and Final Report of Executor/Administrator
  • PR008 - Order Appointing Counsel for Conservatee
  • PR009 - LPS Conservatorship Petition
  • PR010 - LPS Conservatorship Doctor declaration
  • PR011 - LPS Conservatorship Notice
  • PR012 - LPS Conservatorship Proof of Service
  • PR013 - LPS Conservatorship Citation
  • PR014 - LPS Conservatorship Order
  • PR015 - LPS Letters of Conservatorship
  • PR016 - Petition for visitation - guardianship
  • PR017 - Order for Visitation
  • PR018 - Verification
  • PR019 - Declaration of Diligent search
  • PR020 - Objection
  • PR021 - Notice to Franchise Tax Board
  • PR022 - Notice to Department of Health
  • PR023 - Notice to Victim's Compensation Board
  • PR025 - Petition for order to dispense with accounting
  • PR026 - Order on Petition for order to dispense with accounting
  • PR027 - Regional Center Report
  • SC001 - Request for Dismissal - Small Claims
  • SC002 - Declaration re: Default in Payments (After Judgment)
  • SC003 - Request to Enter Satisfaction of Judgment
  • SC004 - Declaration of Default in Payments (After Mediation)
  • SC100 - Plaintiff's Claim and Order to Go to Small Claims Court

W- Series Forms

Non-DUI Petitions
  • W001 - Petition for Alternative Writ of Mandate
  • W002 - Alternative Writ of Mandate Order and OSC
  • W003 - Order Staying Suspension or Revocation
DUI Petitions
  • W004 - Petition for Alternative Writ of Mandate
  • W005 - Alternative Writ of Mandate Order and OSC
  • W006 - Order Staying Suspension or Revocation

  • TR001 – Request for Continuance and POS

  • TR002 - Traffic School Petition

  • TR200 - Instructions for Trial by Written Declaration
  • TR205 - Request for Trial by Written Declaration
  • TR220 - Request for New Trial (Trial De Novo)
  • TR320 - Can't Afford to Pay Fine: Traffic and Other Infractions (fillable)
  • 2510-14 - Authorization to Apply Bail (revised 5/1/1999)
  • 2520-163T - Traffic Counter Arraignments by Counsel (revised 2/9/2021)
  • Bike Safety Program

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