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Contracting with the Courts

Important Information

UpdateNotice of Intent to Award

UpdateAddendum 1 - Amended Timeline


In order for your bid or proposal to be considered by the Court, bids, quotes and proposals must be received by the Due Date & Time and in the manner and method specified in the Request for Proposal or Quote. No bids will be accepted after the deadline, unless the response period is extended by the Court.

Proposer/bidder is solely responsible for ensuring that the full proposal or bid is received by the Court. The Court is not responsible for any delays in mailing via US Postal Service, common carriers or transmission by email or over the internet. Inquiries regarding specific open or closed Requests for Proposals or Quotes may be directed to

Other Inquiries:

The Court does not accept random solicitations. It only accepts specific inquiries about currently open Requests for Proposals and Quotes.

Closed Bids

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