Getting Copies of Civil Court Files

In Person

Go to the courthouse, located at 1035 Palm Street, Room 385, in San Luis Obispo, CA.  You can find your case number on filed documents that you have, or you can look up your case number in the public computer at the Court.

Ask the Court staff at the counter for the microfiche for your case number.  Order copies from the microfiche or file at $0.50 per page. (A page is defined as one side of a document.)  If more than ten pages are being copied, the copy request will be sent out to the Court’s copy service, and your copies will be ready the next business afternoon. You must pay for the copies before they are made.

By Mail

Send a letter to the Superior Court, 1035 Palm Street, Room 385, San Luis Obispo CA 93408. In the letter, write your case number and the names of the parties, and write the names of the documents you want to have copied from the court file. There is a research fee of $15.00 if the search for the documents you have requested takes more than ten minutes(GC§70627(c). Please refer to the Records Related Fees on the State Civil Fee Schedule for more information.

You must include a stamped, self-addressed envelope to have your copies
returned to you by mail.  If you do not know how many pages are in the documents that you are requesting or if a research fee will be charged, make
your check payable to “Superior Court” and write on the Memo line “Not to
exceed $ _____ (on the Memo line you can specify an amount: $20, $30 or
whatever you think will cover the cost). The Court staff will mail you a receipt along with your copies so you know for how much the check was written.

More Information

You can call the Court at (805) 706-3600 to check on the status of a mailed copy request.